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Warrior Conditioning Challenge by Mark Hatmaker

If you don't know where you are going, any path will take you there, but you must take a journey to be somewhere.”-Sioux Proverb

Braver are many in word than in deed.”-Grettir’s saga

Apache Run

  • Take a big gulp of water.
  • Run 2 miles without swallowing or spitting it out.
  • At the conclusion of the run spit it out and be grateful for your fortitude.
  • If you spit it out or swallow it before the 2 miles are completed—complete your run, then perform 75 burpees, and resolve to better another day.

War-Hammer Run

  • Grab a sledge-hammer or battle-ax if you are lucky enough to possess one.
  • Go for a 2-mile run, preferably where a berserker brandishing a battle-axe will not induce alarm.
  • Extra Credit if you occasionally swing the hammer/axe, yell and gnash your teeth like a bloodthirsty marauder.

T’zat notsowit’u ne’a ekasahpana!” [“Be strong my warriors!”]


  1. Running with objects changes the game! Started doing it from time to time ever since your challenge to run a mile while rear naked choking a medicine ball -- which is pure misery. My club's last workout of the week (link below) included an 8 minute tire run. Next we'll try the Apache run.

  2. Excellent work! Digging deep is where we grow.


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